Jul/Aug 2016

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How to Think Like a Nazi (or an American)

This means our first "black" president could have been Thomas Jefferson, but almost surely it's been one of the Southerners or even Northerners who were elected after the middle of the 19th century. More to the point, it means that our notion of whiteness is a fantasy, just as it was when it was dreamed up in the 17th century to win over the European indentured servants who had been rebelling with their African counterparts against their masters.

Thomas J. Hubschman


Down the Plymouth Road (Series Three) (The Great Refusal)

He returned to us, but he wasn't there. We chained him up for his own protection, but in his lunacy he broke the chains and made his dwelling in the caves and tombs. His body was wracked and rent by great sobs and the heavings of a sea of sorrow, like a herd of swine panicked over a cliff.

Stanley Jenkins