Apr/May 2016

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Reviews & Interviews

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Ann Skea reviews...

Granta 134: No Man's Land
Edited by Sigrid Rausing

Rausing's background in anthropology, her work for Amnesty International, and her support for human rights organisations through the Sigrid Rausing Trust, all have clearly influenced this issue of Granta, so the pieces she has chosen to publish are not always comfortable or easy reading.

Gilbert Wesley Purdy reviews...

Shock by Shock
by Dean Young

Surely Young's surrealistic style is adopted, in part, in order to avoid overt autobiography, the confessional mode. But, throughout his work, he has chosen the tools of his craft such that they allow brief, generally self-deprecatory anecdotes from his life. The reader is aware of a whimsical distortion, usually for comic effect as much as concealment. The poet's imagination is warped, so delightfully so that the poetry is among our most popular.

and Paul Holler interviews...

Tania Hershman

You are right that I am just as interested in the culture of science—in fact, I am interested in every aspect of science, from the methodology and the mindset to daily life in a lab, the creativity of experiment design, and the wondrous and often bizarre vocabularies, which I love to plunder!