Apr/May 2016

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Pop Guilt

Neil still drinks Arizona Iced Tea. He and Kate get into fights, fights about food, fights about money, even one time a fight about Monet. He goes to the Museum of Modern Art and sees Willem de Kooning's Woman III. He buys a used blue "leather-like" armchair from Craigslist.

Michael Mungiello

All of the Above

How is that unfair? After all, multiple choice does imply choice—in fact, multiple choices. But, of course, only an amateur takes a view that simplistic. Anyone smart enough to make it into an honors class knows there may be four to five choices, but only one of them is the right one. The others are, by definition, bad choices.

Jennifer Hanno


The rancher sipped his tea drink while framing his answer. "Meat is money, and at the base of anything that's worth a lot of money, there's gonna be some murder."

John McMahon

Better Looking from Behind

As they sipped hot tea, they discovered their mutual love of canines, the countryside, and art deco. Henry was more than a little surprised to learn Angelique hailed from Polk City, Iowa, population four thousand. She seemed as Midwestern as Montparnasse.

Garrett Socol


Which suggests, Lowell had blurted out for everyone around to hear, which suggests, does it not, Professor Carpenter, that your old ratty's a genius, right? He's beat the system. Invented a means of breaking through your electronic booby trap! Show me that sport. I wish to offer him my personal congratulations.

Jascha Kessler