Eclectica Fiction

Fire and Light
"Someone knocked on the door. Sneak had finally shown up, high as the stratosphere, but that was to be expected, I suppose, since Sneak had begun to acquire a substantial heroin habit.
Pat MacEnulty

Beaujolais Nouveau
"I curse them and try to cast them out of my story! But, having no idea what's in store, they continue to plot."
Paul Lima

"He was obviously touching some nerves. But maybe she'd been waiting for somebody to touch those nerves. She said, ' I'd have a lobotomy if I thought it would help.' "
Brad Bostian

"The worst case scenario could mandate the extraction of adjacent brain tissue. In that event you might lose the benefit of certain high and low emotions..."
Reed Hearne

The Loan
"Marie, whose sound sense was prone to deteriorate in tight situations, had been recently making some bad mistakes. Calling me at home in the morning was one. Another, that I became aware of yesterday, was her attempt at stealing ninety thousand dollars from my oldest friend, her husband."
Michael Sato

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