Shrimp Boat

by Necca Stoller

Necca Stoller writes: I am the owner-manager of a cattle farm in south Georgia. After living in a metro area we moved to the country 4 years ago. It was then I began to write poetry.

Shrimp Boat

Sculpted on the horizon, a shrimp boat-
the bow appearing, then reappearing,
as it's distant, tall mast crosses the salt marsh.

Hanging nets, stiff with brine, shape the wind,
while in the wide wake, a flock of gulls trails-
so white above the shimmering leakage.

With the cooling breeze, her steady approach
is unmarked by bent backs and such tired eyes-
though the sounds of soft voices comes down the sea.

Docked; but still the cargo hole brims with catch,
As the sunset slips down through the rigging,
And the full moon rises to surf the dark waves.

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