Eclectica Poetry

Terry Spohn
"We are lying awake in bed, our bones too heavy to move, the dream of the paper mother twisting this way and that to escape, stretching its arms outward like a baby."

Michael Estabrook
"A young man squishing his big red
greasy face up against
the pleasant pretty face of a young woman
trying to kiss her, I suppose."

Matthew Cowley
"Her release is the sudden flight of a nation of birds,
Shocked into the knowledge that they are alive."

Michael McNeilley
"both of us crying laughter
as the sun dropped away
as the stars came"

David Donlon
"That's just relative, I suppose. Either way I end
Up here in the frozen parking lot, wind battered."

Marc Awodey
"Having misplaced Arcturus,
all I may remember is it
was rubescent and seemed nearby."

Necca Stoller
"Docked; but still the cargo hole brims with catch..."

Ashley Spradlin
"The curtain maker, one who has yet to tread soil as
pure as that which buries you..."

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