Eclectica Nonfiction

You Can't Have Him
"Jimmy Lee sat down at the edge of his bunk, and his heart pounded and stomach twisted under the adrenaline onslaught, his ears functioning with a terrible clarity that made denying his imagination impossible."
Anthony Brown

On Eavesdropping, or Can You Hear Who You Are?
"It began as a classic set-up: I was at work when two of my fellow employees began a conversation just outside the open door of the room in which I sat."
J. J. Wylie

Thoughts Provocateur -- Part II
"I do not expect you to agree with these ideas. In fact, I would be highly gratified if you would disagree..."
Laurie Corzett

In a Land Where They Don't Belong
"I knew then that some things about the south would never change.
Like Jesse Helms and Sherry Babe. Like the cicadas just beginning
their chorus, ushering in the sultry evening. Like trying to find a
latte in a land where I should have known better."

Dail Bridges

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