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C. K. Tower

CK Tower was born on July eleven, nineteen seventy, in Santa Barbara California, though she has resided in Michigan (presently Lansing) for twenty five years. Currently she attends LCC and is president of the college's Creative Writing Club, as well as an editor for the club's annual prose and poetry anthology, the "Washington Square Review." In the Fall of this year, CK will transfer to Michigan State University, where she will continue her studies in literature and creative writing. CK also serves as associate editor for the internet literary journal "Recursive Angel," as well as managing editor for "Conspire." an new internet journal due to premiere in May.

Her work has seen wide publication on the internet, as well as in a number of print journals in the US and Canada. CK is a member of the National Poet's Association, and a founding member of the Internet Writers and Artists Guild.

As for any philosophies on poetry, and the use of language in her work... "I am in love with words. Language is certainly my primary tool and concern when writing verse, one which fascinates and challenges me. I wrestle with words and meanings. I try to be scrupulous about choosing just the right word to convey tone, depth, nuances. Always I am trading an almost-right word for one with the exact shade of meaning I desire.

As readers, I believe we must be prepared to slow down and respond fully to single words, taking in the full meaning, savoring overtones and associations that spread from the center like ripples when a stone is tossed into a still pond."


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