Three Poems


Marc Awodey has published two books, and several chapbooks. His collections, Telegrams from the Psych Ward and Other Poems (2000) and New York: A Haibun Journey (2003) are available worldwide on His poetry has appeared in hundreds of publications, including Humanitas, Plainsong, Midwest Poetry Review, Portland Review, Writer's Journal, and Lexicon. Awodey holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and lives in Burlington, VT.


The flinty constellations
of each hemisphere curl together
over hands of waxen holly.

Having misplaced Arcturus,
all I may remember is it
was rubescent and seemed nearby.


In a curvilinear spell
autumn reconnoitered hillsides
beneath dove clouds.

Summer was more than lustrous.
Teal threads fused beguiled moments
into an elaborate delusion
under August's decoupage.

Canary birch leaves
and rouged maples must soon turn
beneath hazel limbs
to uphold winter's grim paradise.


Pictures of Wednesday flourish
untouched by a moment's mind
though limbs have grown heavy
after Tuesday's disintegrating rain.

Citizens of every land and sea
practice silent arts
as if each day were a Redeemer;

heads wear silver time pieces
sowing momentous ticks and tocks,
to cherish ashen rays abandoned
by the sun's Apollonian palm.

Perchance seeds will germinate;
on Thursday or perhaps Friday.
Per chance upon a nameless day
as a tier of top-soil conceals
tenements of clay.

But Wednesday next will surly reap
from beds of leveled minds;
gourds, root crops, grains, legumes,
and fleshy vegetables left to rot
under the veins of twisted vines.

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