Three Poems

by David Bolduc

David Bolduc is an order clerk at Stanford University. He did graduate work in anthropology at The New School for Social Research in New York and is now taking night classes in English lit. Bolduc's books include "Shards" and "Shared Affections" with Mark Hallman.

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"A Glimpse" -- "Johnny" -- "Autumn"

A Glimpse

I saw you across the street.
For seconds, I thought it was you.
Face, form, street-wise stance.
But you're a continent away
and three year's dead.
But those seconds, Angel,
those seconds.


"Wanna feel?" you asked by way of introduction,
casually executing well-practiced pelvic grinds
from a 3 ft. distance. Close enough to be admired
though tantalizing and crucially--not touched,
before earnestly demanding, "Buy me a drink!"
in a smoke crowded West 48th street hustler bar.
"Like my shirt?" you grinned, pressing close
enough to feel the rippling musculature beneath
the tightly stretched cheap street-fair cotton
emblazoned with a photo of yourself encircling
your Chinese girlfriend and son, 9 months.
An effective inducement to a discerning clientele
concerned with virility of delivery: short,
heavily muscled, early 20's, Bronx Puerto Rican.
The penult question, "Wanna fool around?"
successfully joined to the inevitable concluding,
"--How much?"


References scattered through the work--
casual as California poppies--record your generosity:
flowers at the office, drugstore cologne,
the muy macho buzzcut.
And now though sickness shows in your eyes,
yes, I will go.
I've never seen Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.
Or, Alaska--yet.

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