Eclectica Fiction

New York City Like Drinking Too Much Jack When What You're Really Looking for is On Tap - Stanley Jenkins
"Did not so much flee as reel--headed down to Times Square--looked for Elijah in whore-lit bars and was haunted by the ghost of the pregnant date girl..."

Puritan Dreams- Stanley Jenkins
"I've always believed that our America is haunted. By what, I couldn't say..."

Ascriptions - Nigel W. Tasane
"South London felt like Dante’s Purgatory, hugely populous but vacuous, tower blocks casting no shadows, glass broken and whole reflecting no light..."

Dead Man's Boots- Oren Shafir
"Jinji wore Avi’s boots after Avi died. It doesn’t matter how he died. Maybe he got caught by a friendly bullet. Maybe he caught shrapnel in the head."

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