Eclectica Nonfiction

The Tin Drum Controvery
"Frankly, I didn't realize that what I had watched a decade ago—or that I watched more recently—was pornographic ... It looked like a movie about Nazis to me."
Daryl Lease

The Fathers’ Faults Shouldn't Fall On Their Innocent Children
"The hope of a better society in southern Italy is coming from the children, from some of those very sons of mafia families who are proverbially destined to become like their fathers."
Susanna Jacona Salafia

Why I Hate Telephones
"People look at me strangely when I tell them I've hated telephones most of my life. More than this, I dread them in some ways, because one day I'll answer the phone and learn that my father is dead, and that he will have died with things left unsaid between us..."
Debra Purdy Kong

From the Inside: A Killing In Exile
"I would like to say that Rick Buza's death served some higher purpose, that he did not die for nothing..."
Anthony Lee Brown

The Salon: A Celebration of Life and Sunday Morning Violence
"Killing is very personal though, no matter how far away you are. I used to speculate on being a shooter/killer 'cause I was a dead shot, hated everybody, and would have loved killing politicians 'cause I despised them so much. What turned me around?"
Valentine Michael Smith

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