Eclectica Nonfiction

Hong Kong and China, 1997
"In desiring to make itself a dominant player on the global stage, China has all but wagered its future on Hong Kong..."
Allen Gaborro

How to Lay a Cloth
"The modest virgin, the prudent wife, and the careful matron are much more serviceable in life than philosophers, blustering heroines, or virago queans."
Ann Skea

From the Inside: Justice Served? The Unhealed, Victimizing Victim
"In 1991, after serving 15 years in prison, I became eligible for parole on a life sentence that I had received upon my conviction for a robbery and murder committed in the spring of 1976..."
Anthony Lee Brown

The Salon: A Short Tale About Growing Up
"I was a frightened, violent kid when I was incarcerated for emotional illness at age 13..."
Valentine Michael Smith

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