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Vol. 1, No. 1

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Cover Art by Tina Mitchell Cooper
Click the thumbnail to see the full size Eclectica cover (only 48k)!
See more of Tina's fantastic paintings at her on-line gallery


Featured Author of the Month: William F. Lantry
Incredible poetry and translations, two breathtaking stories, plus links to
his Electronic Poetry Project, his creative dissertation and more!

"From the Editors"

A few notes about the first issue and the future of Eclectica - Chris Lott
What Do We Do? -- Notes and Questions - Tom Dooley


Remembering Elizabeth Cotten
L. L. Demerle'

The Woman of My German Summer
Palmer Hall

Antaeus Feldspar

Mr. Null Makes a Movie: Part One
Christopher Null

One Man Watches a Horse Race
Women on the Ward

Wendy Battin

House of Rats
Trans-Sumatran Highway

Stephen Kelen

What Work Is
John Gilgun

Mother of a Saint
Helen Frost

On a Night of Dinner, Wine and Sex

Jon Hilgers


The Area Around
Ben Ohmart

3712: A Play
Ben Ohmart

Christopher Null Reviews:
Feeling Minnesota, The Rich Man's Wife
Fly Away Home,
First Wive's Club
Extreme Measures, 2 Days in the Valley
That Thing You Do!,
Big Night, Bound
The Associate, Brother of Sleep

Shaggy Bob! Reviews:
Maximum Risk, Island of Dr. Moreau

Lax Madapati Reviews
Institute Benjamenta, Nico Icon

Mark Leeper Reviews:
A Time to Kill


Christopher Null Makes a Movie!
Mr. Null Makes a Movie

Mark Leeper Reports from the Front!
L.A.Con III - What is Coming in Sci-Fi Films!!

Fiction and Poetry
The Sanity of Earth and Grass - Robert Winner

Blake - Peter Ackroyd

The Plot to Sieze the White House
Friendly Fascism
A Short Course in the Secret War

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