Apr/May 2015

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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The Other April Fools' Day

Ah, but then there's April 15th, a day also dedicated to confusion and misdirection, without any lighthearted prankishness for comic relief.

Tom Dooley


Ball Four, Hitler's Poker Games, & the Snowden Revelations: The Truths that Make Us Free

Most good history does this, stands the standard narrative on its head, whether it's Colin Calloway's books about American Indians, Ilan Pappe's revisions of official Israeli history or contemporary accounts of slavery in the American South by Frederick Law Olmsted. Noam Chomsky does it for just about any modern period of American history, and any number of younger journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, and Jeremy Scahill, to name just three, are busy correcting the official lies we are fed on a daily basis. It's a good time for truth.

Thomas J. Hubschman