Apr/May 2015  •   Fiction

Light and Light

by Chikodili Emelumadu

Photograph by Rus Bowden

Photograph by Rus Bowden

June 12, 2014

My dear Angela,

Greetings to you on this beautiful day. I received your letter dated 12th May 2014. I was not on seat, so it took some time for your missive to reach my desk. As you can imagine, the response to our interview in Daily Sun and Punch newspaper has been plenty. Thank you again.

It is good you are writing me because you are not the only one in this boat. They say, "A problem shared, is a problem in half," and I am happy I will get to carry half of your burden for you.

Angela, I can tell you right now, this is a very serious matter and needs spiritual intervention immediately. The devil is a liar, and often he tries to use the innocent souls to do his work. We will never allow him. The gates of hellfire shall never prevail against us.

To answer your question, yes, it is possible your daughter is possessed by a seducing spirit, but it does not seem to be too late. However, we will need consultation before we can decide how we can help her and help you. We are just starting a small office in Nibo, which is not too far from you. The branch supervisor there is Daniel, for he is, in name as well as spirit. His number is 08064582016 or 09011177896. He will discuss with you what you need to do.

Illuminated blessings upon you and your family,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


July 8, 2014

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Supervisor Dan told me you called him, but when he told you the things you needed to do, you did not call him again. Sister, what is the matter? I hope you understand Dan's work, our work, is labor which must be paid. How are we to reach other people like yourself who are in danger of falling into the devil's traps? How? Please do not be afraid because it is only the cost of doing the Creator's work. If the light was not strong in our ministry after all, you would not be writing us.

It is sounding to me as if your problems are getting more and more serious now. How old is your daughter? And when did you notice the changes in her? Have you suspected anything before the night you caught her seducing your husband?

Please answer quickly so we can know how to continue. For now I will say, if she is eating food three times a day, you should cut it down to two or one. Since the attacks happen at night, maybe give her food only in the morning or when she comes back from school in the afternoon. Or morning and the snacks she has during break will be okay. If her body is too tired, then the devil cannot use her to bring trouble on your household.

Peace and blessings be upon you,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


August 28, 2014

Dear Angela,

Eight years is the right age that the devil likes. In fact we usually say between six and ten. What number is in the middle of that? Eight. So you see, your daughter's age is at peak ripeness for letting the devil wear her like glove.

You have to be more watchful, Angela. It is the duty of the woman of the house to watch and to pray. It is the duty of the woman to be the neck bearing the head that is her husband. Angela, a man must always have a woman to guide his hoe as he tills in the service of light. Are you that woman? Or are you going to let it be your daughter?

When I say "be watchful," I mean, where do you sleep? If your husband sleeps near the door to your room, change with him so at night, when the devil visits your daughter and tries to call your husband, he will have to pass by you. If you are prayerful, then you will be awake. If you are awake, how will he pass? He shall not pass.

Secondly, what does your daughter wear to go to bed? Do you put her in nightie? Make sure it is long, and tie a wrapper on top so if she scatters herself in the night before, it will keep her legs together. You can even buy her trousers to be sleeping in, but make sure once morning comes, she will bath herself and change into her normal skirt and blouse or dress. Her clothes should not show her knees.

Thirdly, an eight-year-old is no longer a child. She does not need you or your husband to take her to the toilet. If she is bedwetting, be careful. It is the sign of the wicked one to make us backslide in our behavior; like madness making you naked yourself, or you see some people shitting and eating the shit, or talking without sense like a baby is talking: that is all devil. It is part of the great plan of creation that we do not ever regress our behavior.

Maybe put a lantern near the door so she can take herself to the toilet. Also, light cannot be eaten by darkness, so if anything comes into her room to possess her, the light will chase it.

Supervisor Dan said your cheque bounced. Please make sure the cheque does not bounce again so we can help you quick-quick.

Glory be the king of light and his power,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


September 20, 2014

Dear Angela,

I thought you were a woman of faith. How come did she have chance to try again?

It is not a big surprise to me your husband said it was a work of the devil. I told you, we are having a lot of cases like yours coming to us for saving every day. Some of them, their parents are not watchful until the seducing spirit inside them becomes hard and refuses to go, like maybe when they are 12 and 13 or even fourteen. Or maybe if the girl brings shame to her family by getting pregnant.

Answer me this, Angela. If it was not the evil one's doing, would these girls not have seduced people outside their families? But is the role of the devil to destroy the great plan of the creator, so the girls they pregnant for their father or brother or uncle. But there is nothing too big for light.

We are feeling a burden on our heart for your area nowadays, so we will be coming for retreat in Amawbia on the 23rd—27th of December. Title: "Breaking the Yokes of Bondage." It is in just a few months. You should try and bring your daughter. Make sure you do not miss altar call. I will be standing there. Just tell the ushers I asked you to come personally. In short, I will give them your name to put in our radiance call sheet as well.

Before then, I will ask you to reduce your daughter's food from twice to one time a day. She needs to join you in fasting as well. It is a good thing her junior brothers sleep in another room, or who knows what she would have tried with them, too? Do not let her play with them until we have purified her, or she will infect them.

I urge you to forgive your husband because he does not know what he is doing. Seducing spirits are very tough. I have come up against them myself, and if I was not a solid woman of light, I would have lost Overseer a long time ago to the claws of the destructive one. He would have fallen to the drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh. But I told you in our earlier missive, a woman is the neck. The head cannot turn without the neck. It is your duty to turn your husband away, to turn him on the path of brightness. If this happens again, it is because you are failing in your duty as a wife and mother of your household.

Power and might,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


October 3, 2014


I am surprised this happened in the daytime. Evil does not usually operate in the fullness of day. The spirit possessing your daughter must be hard. She is maybe pretending sickness, but if she says she cannot go to school, then you stay with her, make sure she does not call your husband's spirit back from work. This is why you need to make sure you come for the retreat. We must tackle this properly. Make sure, even if she does not want to come, carry her. She is pressing your husband like remote control, and that bond must be broken.

Yes, you can also flog her if she does not hear. If you chastise her body, then her spirit will follow. You must be stronger than her spiritually and physically. You must exercise your lighted womanity because that is what you are created for.

Supervisor Dan can no longer come to your house because he said your daughter's spirit affected him also. We will be sending Subordinate Mary instead. She has been coached on what to do.

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


October 30, 2014

Dear Angela,

Leave things of the flesh to the flesh, and spiritual matters for the spirit, yes. But wisdom is not picked like a broken bottle from the street. The book tells us it is gleaned from the well-tilled fields like tended crops.

By "lighted womanity" I mean, are you doing everything a wife does for her husband? Make no mistake, a man who does not find food in his own house will go to Mama Put or hotel. A man who cannot drink water and keep the cup in his home will sleep in beer parlor. A man must be fed first at his mother's breast, then at his wife's.

Surrender yourself to him morning, noon, and night. Do not be harsh in your tone, but let your words be like honey. He is still the man of the house.

You did not mention this cousin from the village before, the one who helps you pick up the boys from school. How long has she lived with you? Do you know her background properly? I am asking you now because we all know seducing spirits—generally all spirits—are infectious. Did this girl bring it over from the village? Villages are full of iniquity, especially where there is no electricity.

Subordinate Mary told me you were not in the house the two times she came, and she waited until night. She brought you some holy sand to spread around the doors and windows at night. Also some charged crystal stone to wear in your underwear. This will cause your womanity to glow and turn your husband towards you.

This is not a permanent thing, so please do not use this in place of full purging, which is needed for your daughter and the cousin from the village.

Let the light be your sword and armor always,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


November 26, 2014

Dear Angela,

I am happy to hear things are getting better, but do not let the devil deceive your eyes. Remain on your toes. Be watchful. Be vigilant. Do everything you have been doing, but make sure you bring her for purging.

Do not slack.

Peace and love of light remain in your heart,

Superintendent Mrs Akachukwu Godschildson.


December 20, 2014


I admonished you to be vigilant, did I not? You need to take out your daughter's food completely. Full fasting for the whole of next week. Only water. We will see you towards that weekend during retreat.

I am sorry, but it is against our church policy for you to have the number of either myself or Overseer. But your branch leaders, led by the able Subordinate Mary, will always be there for you.

If you need to, do not be afraid to call a carpenter to put a lock for her room, the kind you can padlock. Only you should have the key. Bring her water three times a day and take her by yourself to urinate. Or you can put a bucket in her room so she is not waiting for you and does it on the bed. You have to remember insofar as your daughter is possessed, she is still inside there, and you have to make sure you punish the spirit without punishing your daughter. Our aim is to keep it weak so it will not attack anyone else.

Stay strong and let the light lead you on the right path.

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godchildson.


December 30th, 2014

Dearest Sister Angela,

How lucky you are that Overseer oversaw your daughter's purging. If not for him, that spirit holding your child, that spirit making a weakling of your husband would still be there today.

It is unfortunate your daughter could not sustain the anointing. Sometimes it happens like that. Not with us, but I have heard stories from some other, bigger churches. Much bigger than us even, so I know it happens.

The seducing spirit in your daughter was very stubborn. We could not take nonsense from it, too.

But Angela, let me ask you, why was your daughter so thin? She was supposed to be fasting, not starving, dear. How did you expect someone who is a skeleton like that to bear the fullness of the light? You allowed the spirit to eat her body.

You know all those girls who used to come after Overseer, sometimes the usher has to hold them down so I can beat out the stubborn spirit. Sometimes I will beat them and their teeth will cut my hand before the spirit agrees to go and they will begin to shout praises and thanksgiving. After that, no more seducing spirit. In fact, many of them are ushers now in our church. Your daughter was loosed before she went into brilliance. Blessed are you.

My dear, I saw you. You are still young. You have two sons, one daughter in the kingdom. You can always have more children, knowing fully well your daughter is now occupying your heavenly mansion for you. Your home is secure.

I know losing a child is painful, but just take it like that. The light shows all plans in the fullness of time.

We are sending you some blessed palm oil, holy hanky, and sacred bar soap for you and your family, free of charge. Use the oil to cook the soup you and your family will eat, and it will clean out what is left of the spirit should in case it is inside. The soap will clean your body and the hanky, it will wipe the grief from your soul and allow you to see the great plan for your life clearly.

I will be travelling to carry the message to Ojigbalu, one village in the middle of Nigeria like that where they are still naked, eating grass like animals. I will not be able to get your letters. We will be there for some time. Our church is expanding and we must carry the light onwards.

Sagaciously yours until the ultimate beaming,

Superintendent Mrs Adachukwu Godschildson.


January 25th, 2015

Dear Mrs Angela Anumudu,

The Overseer, Superintendent, and entire family, Light and Light Ministries would like to commiserate with you about the untimely or otherwise timely demise of your daughter, Anulika Anumudu at camp ground, Light Retreat Centre Amawbia on the 25th of December 2014.

While we accept no liability for this event, it is very unfortunate this happened. The spirit holding your daughter was too strong-headed. It did not obey the order to be loosed after she drank the purging oil, hence why the Overseer delivered it a blow. Please be advised this is the general procedure of Light and Light Ministries with regards to the removal of stubborn spirits; seducing spirit, spirit of chop-and-fly, spirit of impotency, spirit of womanizing, poverty spirit, and barrenness spirit, among others. It has always worked in the past with 100% success rate.

Peradventure, the prayers surrounding your daughter were not strong enough to provide a solid ground. But rest assured every precautionary action was taken to ensure the safety of the vessel was not compromised in any way, only that the spirit disturbing your daughter be released.

This letter is also to serve as a directive also known as a cease and desist order pertaining to the High Court action. We, the members of Light and Light Ministries Inc, will follow with legal action any speech or event which causes the ridicule or misrepresentation of our Overseer, Superintendent, or any other member of staff from Light and Light.

We are aware of the camera people you have been selling your lies to, just for a few dollars and pounds here and there. They have tried to contact us to give comment, but we do not stoop to the level of man; our remit is not with earthly governments but with the light.

Mrs Angela, I urge you to choose wisely whom you shall follow. The Light exposes all, sees all. And light can also blind if you look at it too much.

We know the lies these outsiders can tell you. CNN, BBC, just to make more money in their pocket. Our question to you is, how much money is worth your soul? They have tried it with us before, and they did not succeed. Now they are hoping to use you and other blinded people like you to attack the Overseer.

Again, we accept no responsibility for your daughter's call to glory but rejoice that the Overseer saw her freed in a vision before she gave up the ghost. His job was done. This is the time for you to return to your family and try to repair it, not spread malicious gossip and slander. You are to desist forthwith with alacrity.

We hope to welcome you next time you are around any Light and Light Ministry either in Lagos or back East.

Yours friend in light,

Charles B. Agbakoba Esq, LLB.
Solicitor of Illumination,
Light and Light Ministries.