Jan/Feb 2015

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


(These are excerpts—click on the titles to view the complete poems)


Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words drape, harpoon, lullaby, and garden.


A Turtle in my Backyard
she was hiding
so I pretended not to look
Noah Engel


Two Poems
I've come a long way.
I tell myself that.
Danny Earl Simmons


A Day on the Farm
I listen to you as if
listening to myself. Line for line your voice
dies where mine begins.
Joel Fry


He had survived the war.
He wasn't afraid to try things
Bob Bradshaw


Two Poems
We're sure she's on the lists that people keep, her name lurking in the hard drives of Homeland Security.
Jillian Merrifield


Coast Starlight, Northbound
Here now is the Pacific.
Ventura. Anacapa,
A dark form in the gloom
John Ladd Zorn


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