Oct/Nov 2014 Poetry

Two Poems

by Himali Singh Soin

Artwork by Susan Klebanoff

Artwork by Susan Klebanoff

Invisible Poetry

Imagery like the piles of cauliflower stacked perfectly on the trucks of Delhi.
Ellipses like the vanishing alleyways of Prague.
Semi-colons like the gasp of the first sight of Baobabs in Antananarivo.
Anonymous pronouns like the scones of London.
Margins like the white robes at Tiannamen Square.
Anaphora like the holes where the bombs fell in Berlin.
Metaphors like buds bursting through peeling walls in Lhasa.
Volta like when I met you in Paris.
Catalexis like leaving my shoes in Soussouvlei.
Rhyme like the man in penguin boxers and an orange tie on the subway in Brooklyn.
Enjambment like the nomad that reached Ulan Bator.
Couplet like the orchid and the hummingbird in Cuzco.
Assonance like the popcorn drinkers of Addis, tone like transcendentalism in Thimpu.
Sonnet like wandering and wondering, sonnet like all cities as one.


Boy of Letters

You had read so much literature
That summer when we
Finally kissed, you called me


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