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The Holt Letters:
Correspondence Between a Father and His Son During the Civil War

"The Holt Letters," housed at the Davidson Library on the University of California Santa Barbara campus, consist of 13 letters written from the spring of 1862 through late summer 1864. The correspondence is primarily between a father, Oliver Holt, and his son, Henry Holt, who is fighting on the side of the Union. Obscure or misspelled words and proper names have been annotated as deemed appropriate.
—David Ewald, Nonfiction Editor

(American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War, Richard M. Ketchum (ed.), American Heritage Publishing Co., is hereafter referred to as "AH" in the notes after each letter.)

(Click on the links below to view each letter)

Letter One

Letter Two

Letter Three

Letter Four

Letter Five

Letter Six

Letter Seven

Letter Eight

Letter Nine

Letter Ten

Letter Eleven

Letter Twelve

Letter Thirteen


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