Apr/May 2014

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words ribbon, illuminate, visitor, and question.


Four Poems
A moonflower seeded by wind
opens its petals, scents the evening.
Next season no trace.
Ruth D. Handel


Two Poems
Crabbed poisonous berries appeared on the ground.
My father walked the land like a sheriff.
Jamie Bruno


he reaches in the uterine
darkness of the niche,
expecting to find only
Scott Urban


the far hills come to me as if summoned by a time machine from the speed-unlimited future
E. M. Schorb


The Elevated Train
It stops at the platform,
still wrapped in the threads
of the city's dreams
Hugo J. Quizhpi


Cranes Fly In
Awkwardly they land in the rustle
of wetland grass and immediately engage in conversation
with anyone who will listen.
Bob Bradshaw


Elegy for Keith
It is the day after Christmas
and we have not really been friends since high school and not a single
one of us has our shit together.
Elizabeth Kerper


En Route
at the corner teenagers with the smell of pot
in the air gather in a group to criticize passersby
Gabriella Belfiglio


Time Out of Mind
Are you warm enough? Sure?
I just put the kettle on.
Look! It's starting to snow.
Another war.
Marjorie Mir


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