Apr/May 2014

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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Into a Looking Glass Darkly: The Story of Red Blanket's Medicine
In olden times, the Blackfeet tell of a great obsidian outcrop along the western flank of Looking Glass Mountain for which it gets its name. Like peering into black marble, one could look into the depths of this volcanic glass stone and see the shadowy netherworld. It was this property that made the place sacred to the Blackfeet, but the highway engineers cared little for sacred geography and blasted the Looking Glass into oblivion for their sacrosanct roadway, now more perilous to all who would traverse it.
Jay Hansford C. Vest


The U.S. Military Government of Germany: A Personal Recollection
We looked for some relief from the cold, but there was no coal or even wooden scrap to be had. The only lumber was the floors of the barrack. The more daring GIs pried up a section. The lumber was hard and tar impregnated, the fire warm and comforting. More pieces were used. The pot belly stoves were burning hot on every floor. Soon we had an atrium, an open view from the fourth to the bottom floor. The damage was not discovered until February, just before we left for Germany. Nothing much was said, but undoubtedly, the War Claims Commission received a full report.
Sol W. Metzger


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