Oct/Nov 2013

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words question, circle, abandon, and electric.


At nightfall, my brother
Grandma will die soon, I guess.
Ramsay Wise


My Older Sister Taught Me How to Shave
She layered some lotion on one of her eyebrows
before using the razor to sheer off unwanted hairs.
I watched with fascination and asked her to teach me
Quintin Collins


A Long Human Silhouette
At the top of the road I know there is a touchable sun,
that it too is just open space, potentially, like me.
Christian Quaresma


Three Poems (Spotlight Runner Up!)
It was this that stirred
a ripple in my blood, that made me feel
the stomach lining and remember
how crisply, how briefly
a soul with my name moves
Lainey S. Cronk


Two Poems
But that was years ago. Grandma is dead.
Many wars have been fought,
many more women and girls have been raped.
Chielozona Eze


Intimations, Remediated
One hand
shy as a spider
stalked its mate
over this terrain
Ryan Hibbett


But when you spoke in runes, the choir
of leaves was stilled
Jared Carter


Two Poems
In this first hour,
there is no word
for separation, for time,
nothing but the space
between fingertips and cheek.
Marjorie Mir


The Turtle
It seemed happy to be released
into what must have felt like freedom.
Teresa White


The Hesper and The Luther Little
Our lungs like ovens, we smoke
For freedom is immortality's thrill
Although mothers still make beds
Judith Ann Levison


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