Jul/Aug 2013

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words nightfall, command, water, and spur.


My Insomnia
There's sand in my ears, rotting sea kelp
wound through my forgotten hair.
Dianne Oberhansly


Three Hellenic Sonnets
A wise king surely would have been aware
How battles bleed both families and states
Peter Bridges


Three Poems
The thin sweater smelled of Falstaff beer
And his breath of Prince Albert tobacco
John McKernan


Second Date
I didn't know how to stop
or even if I knew how
if I'd want to.
William Fargason


A Week into the Fall
the snail heads resolutely back
over the rhythm of the terrain, reading
topography as only a snail can
Sean Mahoney


Two Poems
After an early morning fire, the porch is a shipwreck,
crumbling dry bread. Smoke stains the house
like a daguerreotype.
Jennifer Van Orman Yurges


Five Stages of Grief
He handed my daughter Katie the leash
like a teacher handing back
a failed assignment.
Bob Bradshaw


Questing After the Color Blue
They set out on their separate paths,
one with a bucket, one with a cage
and the youngest empty-handed.
Marjorie Mir


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