Apr/May 2013

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words vault, bracelet, gather, and planet.


Rain Moth
rain drizzles on the glass,
swells the hardwood pane
Vincent Canizaro


Three Suburban Sonnets
Together we fight demons from the moon,
and sentient brains on shadow earths estranged
Ray Nayler


My Father the Poet
You taught me how to fix a pipe
that had burst into a forlorn song
of sobbing late one night
Bob Bradshaw


A dozen raindrops
would be more welcome
than a tumbling Krugerrand.
Scott Urban


I'm lost
to the spiral
handed down from dark wintering drunks.
Kelly Nelson


Torn Photograph, Ohio, 1923
She had named her imaginary dog Whimper
and an equally unreal goldfish Nevermore.
Rich Ives


Two Poems
The man heads his boat for a high wall of trees
That is the painting's end, as far as we can see.
Daniel Wormhoudt


The First Poem I Publish
I will lie and I will contradict myself,
because that is what the poem will quietly demand.
Brian Keathley


Death March
The radio,
fed from miles of darkness, cannot
penetrate this.
Nicole Borg


A View of a Storm
I saw it from my window:
The fishes, freed, walked on land.
Jeremy Freedman


Mother Earth
Consider the cruel frigidity of the polar regions.
Oliver Rice


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