Apr/May 2013

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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A Memorable Fancy
I am lying there on my back beneath the quilt, which I have raised above my head to make a tent and shut out light and sound. I begin to imagine myself afloat, not in the bed or on water, but lying suspended in dark space itself. It is a curious, drifting float like neither swimming nor flight.
Jascha Kessler


Kids Like Him
His form of anorexia was deemed untreatable by a number of experts who ran clinics for people with eating disorders. His anorexia had nothing to do with body image; it was simply, and tragically, another obsession.
Bobbi Lurie


Sins of Our Fathers
I saw a group of Confederate farbs returning to their camp. One of them cracked open a Mountain Dew. Even in reenactments no curtain falls. Yet we applaud the sins of war. Goosebumps that arise on flesh at the highest note are a standing ovation to the land of the free. Our hubris, the hubris of our fathers: the home of the brave.
Laura Story Johnson


A Magical Evening
If my wife were still alive, this group would already have been invited to our home, and the invitation invariably would have included a sumptuous dinner personally cooked by her. Both my wife and I loved to socialize with people and often threw lavish parties. After her death, I didn't have the desire or the confidence to stage parties on my own.
Shiv Dutta


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