Oct/Nov 2012

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words trigger, scrap, steam, and platinum.


Another Dusk
The ground is in the dark already. Headlights paint
mirages of Venetian blinds on the wall above the TV.
Jesse Minkert


Two Poems
I send out rain
to follow you,
lopsidedly, as if a kind
C. S. Bhagya


A Portrait of My Father
He always takes long, you see,
when he is immersed.
Hannah Rousselot


From Euclid Creek Book Two
people were even seen playing chess in public I was one of those people
Michael Ceraolo


Turok the Dinosaur Hunter
a dinosaur on steroids—massive, unstoppable,
undeterred by us puny boys spying
Michael Estabrook


the dying need this doubt
to go further, not sure why
their eyes once had such power
Simon Perchik


A Diamond Anniversary
There was a time when talk of love came cheap,
and what was bought was what the other sold
Jascha Kessler


a language I understand—
the cars and trains and people
and money to carry a man's shame
Joel Fry


I try on an Irish accent

and disappear into it for years,
emerge on the West Coast
reciting Asian poetry
Bob Bradshaw


Three Poems
Until this morning, infinity
had never listened.
D.R. James


On Vacation in Ontonagon, Near Agate Beach
Observation from above changes everything to mercury.
Lisa J. Cihlar


If You Are Western
The mother eagle captures me in her talons
Then releases me into the glut of stars
Mary Marie Dixon


For My Sister
Such ambidexterity
is disorienting for the rest of the girls
with dogs who still play outside.
Deborah Schwartz


Two Poems
I walk the wood in confidence and power
I am a crushing bolt that strikes men down,
The rage upon the trail
Peter Bridges


Two Poems
When I went to look for the blackberry
moon, it lay uncoiled there, a hard
slick snake.
Kathleen Kirk


The Long Drive
look behind and...
no, there's no looking behind
John Grey


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