Jul/Aug 2012

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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And Falling Is Like This

The landscapes of Hokkaido remained his most clear memory. The high latitude allowed for great expanses of deep coniferous forests. The well known hot springs bubbled in wide open spaces of muted color, the ritual of the baths evolving from monkeys. Their faces formed in the shape of a heart, red surrounded by nearly frozen grey hairs. Steam rose off the smooth top of the ponds in great billows, allowing only intermittent views of the sky.

Morgan Bazilian

Sasha, That Night

Quickly, and not at all gently, Dagmar pulled Sasha away from her breast. She wasn't sure, couldn't actually believe it, but it felt as though the milk in her breast had started to boil.

G. K. Wuori

The Builder of Invisible Bridges

(It was known that in the last days of the regime, the security police had chronicled everything about the movements of so-called dissidents in such great detail that they had not realized the entire country was afoot.)

Richard Dragan

Five Flashes

The sheep have grazed to the ground the last dry alfalfa, a mindless rumination that leaves a lot to think about.

Don Thompson

The Okani-Nkam Modern Day Project

I tried to imagine Lucky, our neighbor's hungry dog, wearing sunglasses. Lucky would probably eat the sunglasses before realizing that they were meant for his eyes, the same way he had eaten Comfort's fancy slippers that one of her man lovers had brought her from Mombasa or Nampula or someplace close to the Indian Ocean. The same way he had dug into my ankle meat and left a deep scar that Comfort said I must hide if I was to be successful in finding a husband.

Esame Okwoche

How Arthur Met Janet

New York was a kind of profession in and of itself, and Arthur felt proud when he told his friends from home that he was living there. No one asked him about acting, presumably because no one had believed he would ever become an actor. He himself no longer inquired deeply into his own potentials because somehow, in New York, his own potentials no longer mattered.

Will Lasky


"I know you," Tio said. "You are Carlos' son. You broke the pinata when Mija turned eight. Her last birthday party. I know you. I held you on my knee, and I helped you unwrap your candy."

Bosley Gravel

Troubles Of Her Own

He had 35 bucks, and he wanted to find a woman. It wasn't that he was pronged up, or even that he thought he could do something for a change. But a guy he'd hung around with in Moline had told him how he would pick up a woman just for a place to spend the night. "Cheaper'n a hotel, if you play it right," he'd said.

William Cashman