Apr/May 2012

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words heirloom, forbid, seven, and boundary.


How to Oil an Indian Man's Hair
Begin at your scalp,
rub it in.
Jessica Tyner


This Table
My wish for it would be
that it might find another home,
bear the weight of someone's cat
Marjorie Mir


Two Poems
body falls
like a brick slipped
from a mason's hand
William Fargason


Three Poems
The children will find them
one bright day,
when you no longer own your fear.
Tim Hawkins


Two Poems
A fugitive, I've grown wings, grown
into anonymity, become unknown.
Antonia Clark


Baram 1
This cold poverty
Underlying the urban
Is nature
Finn Harvor


Three Poems
teeth like party hats and wizard hats and head wraps,
the kinds of shapes you'd find
in a storm-racked ocean
Lauren Henley


Two Poems
It's been so long
since we've had a picnic
Arjun Rajendran


Talking to the Dead
The scuttling in the attic does
not sound animal
Nicole Borg


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