Jan/Feb 2012

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Revisitation Blues: Goodfellas
I wanted everyone I made watch this movie to love it just as much as I did, and if they didn't I would take their distaste as a personal affront, as if they were saying I was stupid or silly for adoring this movie and making such a big deal out of it.
David Ewald


Epimetheus, or Pandora's Box
Everything flows, Heraclitus says; nothing is ever the same. For the sake of discussion, therefore, let us accept the universe of psychoanalytical discourse in which an understanding of the Self argues for an historicist perspective. Such a perspective demands a relativism that sees civilizations and cultures as braiding the strands of the experience of varying generations over centuries to produce a chain of transpersonal stereotypes. Those characters are the models of Selfhood imposed upon or provided by all societies to each person.
Jascha Kessler


An Afternoon with Salvador Dali
Dali invited us into the house. In the entry, a polar bear, front paws forward, neck encircled by heavy strands of blue beads, stood holding a tray for visiting cards. Behind him and to one side was a small room filled with very small chairs. One had to stoop to enter it, and Dali explained that this had originally been an oven for baking bread and roasting animals.
V.K. Reiter


Another Sojourn in Italy: the View from Rome
We gawked over Rome's most ancient days first, there at the Foro Romano, and next proceeded to work our the way though darkest periods of the Middle Ages found within the City's many monasteries, convents, and sprawling cathedrals. We saw before us, too, the glorious splendors of the Renaissance itself, and those followed by the brilliance of 17th and 18th century geniuses, the likes of Caravaggio, Velasquez, and Rubens.
Julia Braun Kessler


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