Oct/Nov 2011

e c l e c t i c a  
t r a v e l


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Gunung Agung, Besakih
Made said something to him and he rose and went back through a door on the right. Made followed him, and so I went, too. In a little room in the back the police officer, in a black uniform, was asleep on a wooden bench. I thought it might not be a good idea at that moment to be back there, although I'm sure it was not a big deal, but you never know with police, so I went back out to the front room and waited.
Douglas Cole


What Won't Kill You
My concern wasn't about doubtful medical practices of Senegalese hospitals, for Lucy had reassured me about the excellent quality of Dakar's central hospital. But my anxiety was not founded in hysterical fantasy. As an American with marginal health insurance and many preexisting conditions, I didn't worry about the quality of medicine but about being able to afford any treatment at all. If I were to get sick in Africa, the consequences of disease would be devastating when I got home.
Ann Starr


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