Oct/Nov 2011

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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JFK Mystery

I arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport (IATA code: JFK), in Queens, at four in the morning. The return flight was again with Delta Air Lines (DL), and it was scheduled for 6:30 AM. It involved connections to Atlanta and Sâo Paulo until finally arriving at Luque, Paraguay. Delta Air Lines has some machines (kiosks) that allowed the passenger to print out the boarding pass without having to seek assistance from the airline's personnel. I approached one of these and read that not until 5:00 AM would I be able to use them. I then lay in wait.

Javier Viveros

They Are Kept Forever

He preferred to call on Miriam in her dim, baroque-styled unit with its red brocade and gilt side tables. If he brought a bottle of Glenlivet, she took off her clothes and let him have a bit. It was on one of those Glenlivet delivery occasions, lying in postcoital dishabille, that Miriam steered the conversation to his health.

Sheila MacAvoy

A Man of Parts

It didn't matter that few people knew one another. If someone knew anyone at all it was, apart from the few neighbors, through Tom and Edna. That is to say, the rooms on two floors of the Edwardian house were full of strangers being noisy to strangers.

Alan Marshfield

From Winter To Spring

Nina had entertained some thought of studying medicine and was often fascinated by the body's tricks. Medicine had to play a better trick, that was all. Only it couldn't, in Mary's case. No bone marrow match could be found quickly. She had a rare blood type. She was not equipped for survival. That's how Nina perceived her fate. The words put a cold distance between her and her sister's approaching death.

Anne Leigh Parrish

The Move

Though the priesthood had seemed inevitable since his early childhood, the idea had clearly originated with his mother. It was disappointing her, rather than letting down the deity, that had given Tim whatever pause he felt when Marty suggested they shack up in a scruffy part of town synonymous with low rents and sexual revolution.

Thomas J. Hubschman

A Family Story

The children looked at each other, deliberating in their private, silent language. Joaquin and Rain nodded. River looked at my grandfather.

Mike Campbell

The Wise Thing

Several white-clad monsters were chasing him with long knives. He'd been making love with a person he didn't recognize when they attacked. He'd had no time to get dressed. He ran naked through the heart of Abuja. People stared and pointed. Apparently, they couldn't see the monsters. They kept asking, "Why are you running naked?"

Crispin Oduobuk