Jan/Feb 2011

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words gull, attic, trample, and metallic.


We searched the yard by flashlight for the objective correlative,
Of leaving home with a suitcase, on foot, by rollerskate
Helen Wickes


Headstone with Harvest Images
Dear wilderness, last night I dreamed
of an electric slumber
Sarah Sloat


Apocalypse for One
the cup waiting
to be washed, the view
over rooftops
Zoë Gabriel


As Real as Real
I am thinking of the continuum,
primordial soup to postsolar cinder,
along which we are borne
Oliver Rice


flash cards
she asks how long her mother
and i were married. i can't recall.
Ken Taylor


Building a Plane
"How do you plan to get this plane
out of your apartment?" she asked.
Bob Bradshaw


A Difficult Mountain
She tells me, these days
her dreams are of climbing uphill on a difficult mountain
where she is always falling short of footholds
Rohan Chhetri


Each star begins apart from itself.
Each moment is lost.
The sum of us is ponderable.
Marc Frazier


An Appearance of Two Moons
I stood in the dark, the mercury streetlights
Marilyn Ringer


The Gentlemen Farmers
These are the lives
of those who have stayed in a town that has grown
too large for their vision of rural innocence.
Brad Buchanan


you count out loud
as if one sun still touches another
Simon Perchik


I can still smell
     the mud of your shallows
from here
Jed Myers


Two Poems
Yet, we were nothing if not
culpable, our meek (yes, meek) encroachment
still hinting at extinctions yet to come.
Derek N. Otsuji


No Place. Like Home?
I tried to make small talk.
And succeeded.
A.J. Huffman


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