ECLECTICA Nonfiction - Jan/Feb 2010
Jan/Feb 2010

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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Songs, Poems, and Missing the Point Completely
I was confused as to what a verse about social justice and poverty had to do with a soccer match. What is really odd is that this was a school whose parents and students prided themselves on their wealth.
Kevin Brown


In the Republic of Dreams
You can't fulfill your oath. In these bleary days. Without betraying someone. Or something.
Stanley Jenkins


Adventures in Ordinary Time
The way the flames from the old city illuminate the night sky makes me feel bold.
Stanley Jenkins


Representative Men
I was stone blind drunk with Jack London. Me and Jack. On a tear. And his teeth were all rotten. And his friends were all vultures. And he just didn't give a damn.
Stanley Jenkins


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