Oct/Nov 2009

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words chameleon, liquid, cupboard, and gutter.


Dear Kristen,
I want to assure you that this is truly what it is, a poem.
Michael VanCalbergh


Three Poems
I want juice with my morning tea, I want quiet
ripening like the moon in its seed pod
George Moore


Last Words
A simile may be as indifferent as plants or the seasons
Cy Dillon


Three Poems
There's a time between this happening and the
rest of the town rousing itself awake,
when I arrive with pole and creel and sandworms.
John Grey


A naked man stood at the end of a field
with only the frail hairs on his ears for decoration.
Zoë Gabriel


Bruce, an Apprentice Stagehand, His Esthetics
Notice his apparent lack of presumption.
Of presentation.
Oliver Rice


I am not a doctor but maybe
Another doctor wants to know why I'm scared to go to sleep.
She wants to know what I can do to help myself.
Gregory Sherl


Morning in Shantiniketan
Monkeys thump and bang
Michael Chacko Daniels


Two Poems
creeping by the witchy brooms,
the neighbor's cat is here again
Mary Meriam


Still, there may be a ripeness,
a harvest waiting, plump and full,
rows you lift high your legs for
Jan Seale


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