Jul/Aug 2009

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words thorn, meander, expel, and conceal.


Three Poems
hawk sees as
God sees
Alex Ward


Two Poems
The backyard's an overturned cup, full
of insect hum, earth's murmur and spin.
Antonia Clark


My father's first job (in Canada)
Life can only catch its breath thrice, and then
It totters on heavy feet, a drunken uncle.
Bojan Pavlovic


Two Poems
If there were voices to follow,
you'd need a dozen languages, and they'd be
fading in and out
Ray Templeton


Words Never Spoken
Old grey kangaroo
hunches beneath sparse shade.
Barbara de Franceschi


he fastens boa to bicycle wheel, newsprint
to truncheon, handball to garbanzo can
Lisa Mullenneaux


Two Poems
My words swirl
like smoke in my mouth.
Anindita Sengupta


Two Poems
Forget the bullhorn, the kitchen fire,
the champagne flutes lurid
with gasoline
Katie Tunning


Two Poems
It wasn't the television
drooling relentless channels.
It was us
Hemant Mohapatra


I am a vacuum of sorrow
and suddenness.
Jami Macarty


Adam's Lap
Let me shine this apple on my breast.
It has the glossiest skin
I've ever seen.
Cat Dixon


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