Apr/May 2009

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Tired of Being with Stupid
The thing they have in common is fear. Fear of the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns. Of not getting what they've got coming to them. Of losing what they have. Fear of God. Of dying. Of being made to feel inferior.
Tom Dooley


The Dr. Is In
I am pleased for the Republicans that they have, at long last, "re-found their voice" as the scowling, rigidly doctrinaire conscience of the American pocketbook. Stella has got her political groove back. I get it. The only problem is, as President Obama and others have noted, these suddenly die-hard fiscal hawks have zero credibility when it comes to deficits.
Adam Carl


Twenty Years
The last time I saw her she clung to my hand and implored me to save her. To make it all better. I looked at her and knew what I knew from the first time she came to me. She didn't want to be saved. She wanted to drown and make someone responsible. Make someone pay.
Stanley Jenkins


The Archeology of Thought
Intellectual history was Foucault's bailiwick, specifically 18th-century France, what we have come to know as the Enlightenment. In school we were taught it was a period much akin to our own, a kind of proto-modern way of thinking, when real science got started and notions of democracy and economics came into being. All of which is true, but, as Foucault shows, not in the way we think, and different in ways that are very important.
Thomas J. Hubschman


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