Apr/May 2009

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words curtain, threaten, brittle, and blaze.


Three Poems
If I fall through the ice
I am not my hypothermia.
CE Chaffin


No more bingo nights at the local hall,
or flimsy floral skirts
barn dancing in a shearers' shed.
Barbara de Franceschi


Two Poems
Away from the confines
of the convent my black-toed boots
shine with relief
Kathleen Kenny


Fish Story
They are beautiful children, more attractive than the men who sired them.
Geordie de Boer


Last Call at Shanny's Tavern
In the pallid light of dusk my father looked less
beaten, the black eye from the brawl'd gone gray.
Brent Fisk


Two Poems
My mother still wears her hair in braids
that summer in Oklahoma, a half
continent away from Whidbey Island.
LeeAnn Pickrell


Two Poems
It is not enough to hope for water.
In a dry season, death opens its chasm.
Aleah Sato


Two Poems
The wind's voice runs like a skink
through the leaves, upon
the bluff face, unintelligible
David Oestreich


Three Poems
around june every year,
the sky is fished
out of an inkpot
and hung out to dry
Rohith Sundararaman


Two Poems
He heard it,
the sound of the sun
Michael Caylo-Baradi


I Can't Look Away
people see you got an arms' load
of anything they won't buy it, looks like you're too far
from where you want to be
Lafayette Wattles


Philosophy while eating Lucky Charms
Mom told a joke and I spit hearts,
clovers, blue moons.
Jeffrey Calhoun


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