ECLECTICA Nonfiction - Apr/May 2009
Apr/May 2009

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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Real Film, Real Book, Real Life: a 50th anniversary celebration of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
If Saturday Night Fever had been set in 1950s Nottingham, and the fancy dancing replaced with the consumption of endless pints of black-and-tan, it might have looked something like this.
Ray Templeton


Wide Awake Dreams
I saw Billy Sunday box the Devil. ("You're going down, Satan!") I saw Sister Aimee come from the Sea like a Movie Goddess—the Immaculate Conception of Athena—Greta Garbo On The Half Shell. And I measured the width of Senator Craig's Stance. Yessir. It was like a Parade of Days. It was like the Masque of the Red Death. It was Cosa Nostra.
Stanley Jenkins


About the Origin of Deities on Earth
The Great Mother has as many appellations as she has functions. She is the Mother of the World, as the Indian goddess Kali-Ma is; she is Mother of all Livings, as was the Biblical Eve, or Havvah; she is the Mother of the Gods, as was the Babylonian Sea goddess Tiamat; or she may be the Grandmother of the world. Like the Egyptian Isis, mother of the Sun god Horus, she is "the earliest of them all," and she is also Mary, mother of the Christian Jesus.
Tala Bar


Our Own Mid-Century Mannahatta
On Seventh Avenue and Eighth Street sat an all night cafeteria, where a coffee came to no more than five cents, and with it the chance to sit and talk with friends for leisurely hours and hours, even until dawn. Drunks, bums, office workers, students and teachers arrived and departed. People came and went freely and safely—that is, when the cruel winter nights of winter allowed.
Julia Braun Kessler


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