Jan/Feb 2009

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Jesus Told Me Not to Vote for You
If it's okay for Christians to be imperfect, why isn't it okay for non-Christians to be imperfect? And if identifying oneself as a Christian doesn't result in one being perfect or even "Christian," and let's face it, it doesn't, then why should that be the only litmus test for whether or not someone is worthy of one's vote?
Tom Dooley


American Home
New York is a place, all right. It's where people make their homes and raise their kids. It's where families gather on holidays. It's where people bury their dead. And packs of abandoned dogs gone feral roam the great necropolises of Queens at night. Borough of cemeteries.
Stanley Jenkins


Funeral Games
No doubt I see the rites of the dead now in a different light because I am so much closer to the end of life than to its beginning. But I have always anticipated death, even as a child and adolescent when one is supposed to consider oneself immortal.
Thomas J. Hubschman


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