Oct/Nov 2008

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Finding Common Ground in Today's Political Landscape

It may be counter-intuitive, but a heightened need for solutions requires us to take a break from obsessing about how we're going to fix things and finally agree on what it is we want to fix.

Tom Dooley


American Shame

That is why, for a brief period a month or so ago, John McCain was actually leading in the polls, when just a year before everyone had given him up for dead. He may not be on the right side of history, but he did have a history of doing what he thought was right, whether it was expedient or not.

Tom Dooley


Demographic Armageddon or Just Another Day?

As little as 70 years ago a world war was fought with the world's most developed country whose leaders insisted that most of the human race was subhuman. Even today more people than not still believe there are significant differences between what we still insist on calling "races." And it's not only the so-called ordinary person who believes this or, as one might expect, the least educated. Presidents of the United States, whatever their intellectual acumen, still refer to the same discredited categories as if they had some basis many years after they have been shown to be groundless.

Thomas J. Hubschman