Jul/Aug 2008

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words celery, cistern, target, agate.


Two Poems
baby blue rising over
water folding grass
sun light
Joan Rene Goldberg


What a View from the Top
the morning horizon
like a gold chain around
the skyís wide throat
John Grey


Two Poems
blood welling
is warm above
all things
Nic Sebastian


Little Yellow God
This was how I survived things I could not speak of for years: A crazy nest. A cracked branch.
Amanda Latrenta Crane


Window 5: Dream 1
in black hair, standing erect as death
and motionless
Sara Toruno


Two Poems
Sunday morning, we surveyed the effulgent chaos--
petals and fractured stems of lavender, hyacinth,
and lilies scattered among the shards of glass.
Don Pomerantz


Two Poems
War, greed, murder?
Retribution of an angry god?
Yes, yes, all of them Iím sure.
Michael Estabrook


Two Poems
we have only four spoons
in the place now,
from what calamities
i donít remember.
John Grochalski


Two Poems
After Iím through with you, Iíll swallow one more pain pilló
a small resin Buddha the color of cheap wine
Andrew Riutta


Butterflies with Teeth
Could be a mound of dung,
a bone house, the burrow
of a hibernating camel
James Grinwis


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