Jul/Aug 2008

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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I took jobs in armpit bars, serving drinks and greasy snacks to sad, unhealthy people, and though I had been optimistic about the great wide world, I found that I was one of those people, too.

Eric Braun

Cats and Dogs

It's dark when we go in because it's 3am and no one's up at 3am except people on the other side of the world and us.

Darby Larson

Talitha Cumi

Outside, someone began the song of lamentation. Several voices took it up. The sound drifted in through the window, penetrated the walls. I remained on the darkened ceiling, uncertain what to do next.

Grace Andreacchi

Two Flashes

A few months after basic, the military dishonorably discharged Tom. Back home he found no more believing hearts among the guys, no more foolish virgins. We had learned that Tom always saved his ass, no matter the cost to his friends or his women.

Merle Drown

I am so into you

They whisper it in my ear at the basement parties. Where they tell me they love me and I see they're noses growing. The seven minutes in heaven when I tell them I'm like a podium and they the soapbox and I have a mic and I break the speakers 'cause I'm shouting words like a rooster wakes the morning and they're the cows in the barn with machines stealing their milk.

Mary Hamilton

Ten at a Time

It's probably safe to say that a cart-pushing Casanova has never existed. What am I to do? Being bitter is my only option.

Joshua McComas

The Checkout

"I don't know why I bother to play the ponies," I said. "I hardly ever win enough to cover my losses. But," I said with just the right note of sadness, "that's life, isn't it?"

Thomas J. Hubschman

Dream Chaser

Her feet (with taloned toenails that were as varicoloured as a candy mix) were propped on the table surface, crossed at the ankles. She was engrossed in a glossy paperback, which she held in front of her face like a compact mirror.

A. Igoni Barrett