Apr/May 2008

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The Power of Prayer, or Better Things to Do

However, if one is driven by a Biblical concern for human life, born out of a love for and adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ, then I've got to ask, why should the fetus be at the top of one's list of concerns? And if one were particularly worried about the blood of innocents, about protecting those who cannot protect themselves, I still have to ask, why the fetus, when the plight of souls fully formed and drinking the milk of human cruelty is so staggering?

Tom Dooley


Oops, I Did It Again

McCain is insane. Obama is Osama. Hillary is Billary. These people, meaning the kind of folks who fall for the Karl Rove brand of attack politics, are hardwired for fear-mongering, backbiting, mean-spiritedness, prejudice, and selfishness. If any of it rhymes, so much the better. Suggest to them their spot on the dunghill of American opportunism is threatened, and they'll rally in force to protect what they believe is theirs by divine right.

Tom Dooley


Snapshots of a Campaign

Last night I watched the Ohio debate between the two Democratic candidates. Lo and behold, Obama sounded just a bit like Ralph Nader when he took a swipe at the malign corporate influence on the political process in America. He also seemed clearly more poised than his opponent, who varied between looking rattled by allegations about her political record and mean-spirited in her personal attacks on her opponent.

Thomas J. Hubschman