Apr/May 2008

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words feather, collection, widow, and maple.


Two Poems
Like holding a telescope to the bones—
the cat's purr, murmuring a dirge for hours.
Sarah J. Sloat


The stars seated in the dark
pass our lives across the table
Jami Macarty


Two Poems
I don't believe in being pretty anymore,
or know why I watch you read in bed.
Stephanie Anderson


Van Gogh in Love
I knocked as loudly
as a banging shutter.
Kee's father opened the door
and filled its frame.
Bob Bradshaw


Two Poems
The trees support
each other with
thick blankets of air.
Meg Pokrass


Two Poems
Lipstick on filters in the ashtray;
lipstick cinching the corners of a powdered, fallen face.
Sarah Yost


1978 Camaro, Yellow
I lost myself today...
Chris Middleman


Two Poems
"Oh, it's you. I dialed the wrong number."
You always feel a little let down
when someone says that to you.
Michael Estabrook


Two Poems
He shipped at least three cubic feet of seashells in a box
that had originally contained machine-gun ammunition.
Jared Carter


catching fire
strike poems together like
two flints. sparks will erupt.
Richard Lighthouse


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