ECLECTICA Nonfiction - Apr/May 2008
Apr/May 2008

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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The Man in the Photograph
I am the son of a man who used alcohol to assume a personality that he lacked--or believed he lacked. It should therefore not have come as a surprise to me that I ape him emotionally as well as in front of the camera.


Losing My Religion
My weather forecast was way off; a churning sky looked ugly and angry. As raven-hued cloud-mass cracked open and hailed, I ducked inside a church. Instantly, every eye was on me. The pews were white; the members were not.
Lyn Fox


Big Dogs and Asian Butts
It appeared, however, that Stacey didn't subscribe to the bloom-where-you-are-planted school of thought. I guess she performed the basic functions of her job, whatever they were. But doing the minimum left hours of free time in her workday--hours she felt could best be spent talking to her co-workers.
Nancy Matson


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