Jan/Feb 2008

e c l e c t i c a  
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Sancocho by El Zorro
Today Marisol and I are invited by the Piņangos to go by boat to Cepe, where Arnaldo Piņango's family once ran the hacienda. There are no roads to Cepe, only footpaths first marked out by the Indians who preceded the Spanish.
William Reese Hamilton


Two Steamy Nights in Xian
Xian (pronounced she-ahn with equal emphasis on both syllables in the upper pitch of your speaking voice) at least gives the illusion of safety. It has the distinction of being one of few remaining walled cities, its urban limits protected by brick and mortar. And we all know Chinese have a way with walls.
Larry Jer


Walking in Memphis
He always introduced himself as Crazy Larry, the traveling mayor of Snook, Texas, located just three and a half miles east of Resume Speed, Texas, which was located somewhere along Highway 6 in the big middle of a construction project where the highway department had put up a sign cautioning motorists to slow down to forty miles an hour.
Jim Parks


Acrophobia at Home in Arizona
Yet here you are, reading the anti-poetry of the terrors IMAX confirmed, otherwise known as Grand Canyon statistics, and comparing them with the man-made icons of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Pyramid, and Sears Tower of 220, 450, and 1353 feet, respectively.
Anna Sidak


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