Jan/Feb 2008

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Narcissism Nation: My Country 'Tis of Me

Depending upon your point of view, pop culture can be seen as either a contributor to our national narcissistic neurosis, or, to adapt a pornographer's defense, a healthy outlet for it.

Tom Dooley


In Dog We Trust

It's another irony, and an unfortunate one insofar as so many of us are just as unaware as the people on The Dog Whisperer, that human psychology isn't that different from dog psychology, particularly when it comes to raising children, teaching students, leading a team, running an office, ruling a country...

Tom Dooley


Rabbit Left, Rabbit Right

Talk to liberals about the need for controlled hunting practices to stabilize wild animal populations, and they'll cite the magical balance of nature.

Tom Dooley


Damned Yankees-Yanquis

Yankee might of a military kind is more powerful than all the rest of the world's armed forces combined, just as the baseball Yankees payroll is quadruple that of other teams, one of which knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs this year.

Thomas J. Hubschman