Jan/Feb 2008 Poetry

e c l e c t i c a  
s p e c i a l   f e a t u r e


In an ongoing series, the editors, former contributors, and readers of Eclectica have been invited to write a poem containing four pre-chosen words. The words for this issue are lure, prayer, vinyl, and exit. Below are the resulting selected poems.

If you would like to participate in the next special poetry assignment, the new words are feather, collection, widow, and maple.

(These are excerpts—click on the title to view the whole poem)


Two Word Poems
Like a thief, I take jade earrings from a drawer,
the yellow vase I hated, a photo of the black dog.
Antonia Clark


Three Word Poems
The last time she gave birth
she saw exit signs in the delivery room,
but no one would allow her to leave the table.
Jayne Pupek


Drying the Neighbor's Dog
Clouds sag over rooftops like unmilked
breasts of wet nurses.
Arlene Ang


Two Word Poems
The hag-ridden and the free spirits,
the lure of a somewhere else
is what draws them.
Ray Templeton


First Summer
child-philosophers: what is fire
—liquid? solid? gas?
Sarah Yost


with a Judas kiss
I recall the sacrifice
Barbara De Franceschi


Fresh Christmas Trees
They do not truly live,
though they might be said to linger.
Jennifer Finstrom


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