Oct/Nov 2007

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words amethyst, sailboat, transparent, and premonition.


Two Poems
It was ambiguous, the way
they left it at the end of that book—you felt
like crying though it wasn't clear exactly
what happened.
Paul Hostovsky


May 19
an image of a human wearing the head of a beast,
or, deeper in their idea,
of an animality retained in man
Oliver Rice


Accidental Oracles
The world isn't the sum
Of what we transcribe of it.
Daniel Barbiero


Still Life with Mellifluous Strings
Behind black branches,
the moon rolls over, soaking up dreams like a sponge.
Michaela A. Gabriel and Nathan McClain


All Saints Day, Miami
That night, I stirred from sleep when a troll,
hunchbacked, crept through my apartment.
Les Kay


December 18
The legs of token livestock—a sheep and a cow—point
different directions. Their apathetic eyes view the wreckage
without blinking and know all are bred for slaughter.
Scott Urban


You're in the dark.
Like a Chekov play after the last living actor fries
the audience with a stun gun. Sarcophagal.
Arlene Ang


Two Poems
I learned to say confession before
I knew the word named guilt.
Teresa White


The girl on the train
Before, when the girl had gone to pee,
her mother had confided that her daughter is a swimmer
and on her way to meet her boyfriend from Slovenia.
She (the mother) is banking on a break-up.
Kimberly L. Becker


The Evening Before
Her silence makes me feel
like I'm being punished.
Jason Kelly Richards


Outside Disney World
the sun was so hot it burned
even after it had gone
halfway into tomorrow
Lafayette Wattles


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