Oct/Nov 2007 Poetry Special Feature

Recall is the Ecstasy

by Barbara De Franceschi

Recall is the Ecstasy

after a night
engulfed by
unknown faces
premonitions clamorous
in troubled flesh

I awake to you

at ease
in transparent light
your sighs hang
on a pallid star
as birds stir
and hedges start to breathe

in sleep I have traveled
seen things
not to be disclosed
you take my muffled speech
into the prattle of amethyst rain
pestering window panes still snoozing

roasted coffee smell
sits on my skin
an aromatic sailboat
adrift on a winter airstream
I finish my toast
catch your name
from a bed
you have not slept in

there is no calling

for a moment outside gravity
we feel the tilt
remind ourselves


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